I really should update this after I finish each book, because I keep forgetting what I’ve read. Well, I think this is all I’ve read so far in May…

Spring Fire (160 pages) by Vin Packer is not, as I mistakenly kept telling people, the first ever lesbian pulp fiction novel, but, in fact, the second (the first was Women’s Barracks by Torreska Torres). The author writes in the introduction how she had to sneak it past censors, and how it she’s a little ashamed of the writing now, since she was just starting out when she wrote it. It was okay, kind of badly written, but not so much that it was unreadable. I almost had to laugh at the “morality” that needed to be slipped in, and the punishment that all homosexual characters have to go through in old gay books. Overall, a 3/5, I’d say.

To keep the lesbian theme going, I followed that with a more light-hearted book: So You Want to Be a Lesbian? (202 pages) by Liz Tracey and Sydney Pokorny. Unfortunately, it’s a little out of date now (written 12 years ago), but still funny. 3.5/5.

And one more dyke read: Lucy On the West Coast: And Other Lesbian Short Fiction (143 pages) by Mary Beth Caschetta. This one was a little weird. Most of the stories made it seem like the characters were a little crazy (imagining angels or seeing dead people or being convinced they have an identical twin they’ve never met), but the stories were intriguing… Probably not something I’d re-read, though. 3/5.

And I just finished Bizarre Books: A Compendium of Classic Oddities (215 pages) by Russel Ash and Brian Lake. I don’t really know what I was expecting, but this was a book of lists. There were a few really interesting items, and there were pictures and excerpts, but I read it all the way through in a couple of sittings, which I don’t think it was written for, and it got tedious. 2.5/5.