The End of Food by Thomas F. Pawlick (221 pages) was my last library book. The first chapter or two were really excellent, then in the middle it got impersonal and boring, but picked up a bit by the end. After the first chapter or so, I wasn’t learning anything new, and there were enough repeats in the book to make me notice. 3/5

So I got The Three Signs of a Miserable Job by Patrick M. Lencioni (272 pages) from my work, in the pile of free books (mostly uncorrected proofs). I was planning on putting it on Bookmooch right away, but I ended up reading it, since it’s mostly story. And yes, I thought he was absolutely right. Immeasurability, irrelevance, and anonymity do make a miserable job. And I have at least two if not three of those right now. Hmm. 4/5

A Bookmooch book I requested, Happy Endings are All Alike by Sandra Scoppettone (192 pages) was pretty good. About typical for a teenage lesbian romance (if only gay and lesbian romances had less drama!). I probably won’t read it again, but I’ll keep it for my lesbian book collection. 3.5/5

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See (288 pages) was a book I read in the slow times at work, as an experiment to see whether I could read fiction at work, and because a co-worker urged me to read it so I could tell her whether Snow Flower seemed like a lesbian or not. This was excellent, very, very well-written and -researched. The descriptions of foot-binding actually made me have to close the book; I thought I was going to be sick. Just a beautiful and achingly sad account of a character’s life. 5/5

Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (159 pages); Restaurant at the End of the Universe (200 pages); and Life, the Universe, and Everything (199 pages) by Douglas Adams were all re-reads, since I’ve been meaning to re-read them since I started this blog. Not long before I get to read the radio scripts! Oh, and 5/5 for them as a whole.

At least, I think that’s all I’ve read. I really ought to be doing this more often. Oh, and I bought The Meaning of Tingo and Magical Thinking through my work, since I got an iRewards coupon and they were in bargain, so they ended up being about $12, minus the $10 iRewards. (Why the “i” in front? I don’t know, but I hate how many businesses are doing it now. I blame you, iPawd!)

March reading:
Books read: 14
Pages read: 2,653
Nonfiction: 4
Fiction: 10
Male authors: 6
Female authors: 6

Money spent on books: $2

Three of those books were by the same author, that’s why there’s more books than authors.