I’ve just finished Pages for You by Sylvia Brownrigg (264 pages) and adored it. I remember at one point thinking “This is clumsily written”, but by the end I’d fallen in love with it. Sigh. It’s so sad, though. The part that really hooked me to the book, though, was when Flannery, the main character, is seeing off the woman she’s secretly-ish in love with, and runs to the train to hand a book of poetry to her through the window that contains her own poem, confessing to her love, and she realizes as the train pulls away that she has powdered sugar from a donut all down her front, and she says aloud to herself “You’re a charmer, Flannery. I don’t see how anyone could resist you.” It made me so sad, though. It was very good. 5/5 Good way to start a month off.