Well, I finally finished Oliver Twist. I’m counting it as January reading, though technically I finished the last 10-20 pages today. I liked Oliver Twist, but when I read that Dickens was originally paid by the word, it made a lot of sense. Overall rating? Hmm… I’d say 3.5/5

So, recap of January reading!

Books read: 5
Pages read: 1,759
Nonfiction: 4
Fiction: 1
Male authors: 5
Female authors: 1

(When Elephants Weep had two authors, which is why there’s more authors than books)

Ack, this doesn’t look very balanced to me! Ah, well, this month is to be Lesbian Reading Month, I’ve decided, in honour of Valentine’s Day, so it’ll be mostly fiction by female authors. Well, after I finish the peak oil survival manual book.