I’m falling behind on that New Year’s resolution. Oh well! At least I seem to be getting through a book a week, so that’s good.

I finished Forbidden Fruit by Pearce J.Carefoote, but it was largely uninteresting. I thought it was going to be about more modern day banned books, but it was about books banned centuries ago, which doesn’t interest me nearly as much. 2.5/5

Next up, like I promised, I read The Omnivore’s Dilemma, which has been on my list for a while. It was fascinating, and although I’m already pretty careful about the food I buy (I’m vegetarian, going vegan in six months), it solidified some things that I’d only half thought about. Especially that organic does not mean sustainable; there is no easy/lazy way to determine the best food choices. 4.5/5

Now I’m picking up Oliver Twist again. Hopefully I’ll actually finish it this time. Next up is a peak oil survival manual. I will be taking extensive notes. Apparentally the CEO of Shell just admitted that peak oil is likely on its way. Scary, scary stuff.