I’ve finished it! What a great series. I read a little essay on how the His Dark Materials books can be taken as theist, and realized it actually makes sense. I need to stop making such snap judgments. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie, though they toned down the atheism, which is ridiculous, since many devout Catholics are boycotting it anyways (it may lead their children to reading the books! Oh noez!). I’m thinking the religious undertones can be taken either way. They don’t endorse a corrupt religious system… So if you’re pro that, then I guess you should boycott it…? Even without the religion, I really liked these. Great plot and characters. I kept wanting to read more after I was done.

I think I’m going to take  Richard‘s advice and get an xkcd Actual Size! sticker to cover the stupid movie ad circle on the cover. Yay!