Eep, I’ve been lazy in updating. Ah well. I finished Max Brooks’ The Zombie Survival Guide, which I really liked, especially the accounts of zombie attacks. One thing really irritated me, though, and it was the five or six times in the book he used the word “ironically”, and as far as I could tell, not once was the  situation actually ironic. “Ironic” and “literal” are the two words I can not stand being used incorrectly. Despite that, I still really want to read World War Z by him, since that’ll be all zombie accounts.

I also re-read The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman. I couldn’t remember if I actually finished these books when I was younger, I just remembered that they went over my head and that I never read The Amber Spyglass, in fact, I didn’t even own it. Re-reading them, though, I really enjoyed them! Exquisite writing, fascinating plot, and best of all, the ideas being presented! Fantastic. I hate how many books have been written about these books ‘really’ being Christian. No! Pullman said himself that he’s an atheist and his books are about killing God. Just because it has morals doesn’t mean it’s a Christian story! People do the same thing with Harry Potter, though Rowling is hoping that outing Dumbledore may counter that. Sigh. Can’t people enjoy books without conforming them to their religion?

Anyways, I’m still reading The Amber Spyglass (for the first time). After that, I think I’ll read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I regretted not doing any Halloween reading, so I’d like to do some Christmas reading. I haven’t forgotten about re-reading HGttG! I’m still looking forward to it.

Oh, and I bought The Amber Spyglass at Munro’s for $14.27 with tax (it was 25% off). I like the cover a lot (I’ll probably buy the matching Subtle Knife and Golden Compass  eventually), except that it has a stupid “A Major Motion Picture Holiday 2007) circle on it. Bah. Maybe I can find a sticker to cover it with.