Well, I finished the two library books I checked out: Thirst by Alan Snitow, Deborah Kaufman, and Michael Fox and Look Both Ways by Jennifer Baumgardner. I liked both of them.

I was against water privatization from the start, but Thirst really gave me the info to be against it intelligently. There were some hopeful stories of communities fighting back, but also a whole lot of defeats: The water/sewage company that turned off their pumps to save electricity and sent sewage flowing into the Great Lake, for example. And all the under-handed manipulation of the government to prevent people from being able to vote… It was infuriating, but very informative. I’d recommend it.

Look Both Ways was also good, but not exactly in the way I was expecting it to be. First of all, it’s really a book about the politics of being a female bisexual, not bisexuality in general. Look Both Ways I think was much more of a memoir than I was expecting. One thing I liked, but hadn’t predicted, was the discussion of feminism in this book. It’s a huge theme. And I am very much a feminist. Of course, I did balk a little bit when she sometimes suggested that bisexuals are somehow better than bisexuals, but that was just me being defensive: she fairly weighed the pros and cons (and besides, like it matters what the ideal choice would be. We are who we are). Overall, quite good, but I don’t think I’ll be suggesting it for Friends of Dorothy because it’s so personal, related mostly to people in a very similar situation (same age, same gender, etc).

Big-Box SwindleAnd the two books I’m reading at the moment are The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy (beautiful, but so sad) and Big-Box Swindle by Stacy Mitchell. More on those when I finish them, but I’ve already pretty much resolved to stop buying at chains as much as possible. I know shopping locally is expensive, but I’ll be trying to do so as much as possible. This means no more buying at my store! Unless I get a gift card there, I’ll be making my book purchases elsewhere. I’ve always felt vaguely guilty about buying from such a huge chain when I adore local bookstores, but reading Big Box Swindle really solidified it. Now I’ll be buying less books, yes, because I won’t get the discount, but at least I’ll feel better!

I did, however, buy some books at my store a couple days ago, because everyone in the store got $35 for winning the Harry Potter decoration contest in our stores (thanks to L). So I bought a couple books through the kiosk, but I don’t remember what at the moment. I know one was a box set of Douglas Adams, because I’ll only read Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy once, and I’d love to re-read it, but I have this giant hardcover omnibus that’s pretty much impossible to lug around, so hopefully I’ll be able to more easily tackle it this way. I also bought a lesbian movie (Better Than Chocolate, for just $7), but I forget what else. They should come in a week or so.

I better get to reading now!