So, I bought a couple more books at my store recently. And I finished two of them, and they’re both excellent.

Icarus Girl by Helen Oyeyemi for $4.99
A Lifetime of Secrets by Frank Warren for $27.50
and 2 copies of
I Am America (And So Can You!) by Stephen Colbert for $29.99 each
for a total of, after tax, with my 30% discount, with a $10 iThank You from my work for good iReward sales, $58.60

Icarus Girl was a promising-looking bargain book, so I went for it, but it’s not too high on my reading list. M from my work said it was good, though, I believe.

I go to the Postsecret website every Sunday to see the new secrets, and frequently through the week to see the new email responses. I have all of the books, and they’re absolutely wonderful. Some secrets are heart-wrenchingly sad, and some are inspirational, and some are hilarious. One secret that really spoke to me in this collection was “I’m going to die alone and happy.” ❤ I cannot recommend these books and the website highly enough. Beautiful.

Great book? Or greatest book?Now, on the the obsession. I am a little obsessed with The Colbert Report (a show on the Comedy Network that parodies guys like Bill O’Reilly). The Daily Show is awesome, too, but Colbert is just so fun. So I’ve been counting down when his book was coming out, and finally, yesterday was I Am America (And So Can You!) day! (The release date) I got a copy for my friend A, since her birthday is in a couple days, and of course, one for myself. I finished it today and it was excellent. I also ordered the audio book, which should be arriving any day now. I can’t wait! I also got a life-sized cut of Stephen Colbert from my work! Aaah, it’s so awesome! (Colbert is my man crush. Every lesbian is permitted some, just like straight girls are permitted girl crushes.) My work got it in, but we don’t have room for it, so I get to keep it. Anyways, everyone should buy IAA(ASCY!) because it’s hilarious and because Colbert is amazing.