I lied; I didn’t start Pride and Prejudice. Instead, I thought I’d quickly finish a thick book on my TBR bookself: 1000 Extra/Ordinary Objects. It’s a book of photography of odd items with commentary. It would definitely make a great coffee table book. Some– okay, most– of the objects have to do with sex or bodily functions, but they were interesting all the same. What surprised me was the amount of opinion in the descriptions of the objects. In the Jello picture, the slaughter of the calf to make the gelatin was graphically described and when describing a picture of a wire AK-47, the description includes “Governments say military spending is an investment in the future. What could that possibly mean?” That made it a lot more interesting to me. As a bonus, I ordered this book through my store for $0.90 (Canadian) including tax! It was a discount book selling for $2, and part of a deal that made it half off, plus I got my employee discount. Can’t go wrong with that.

I bought a few books from my store today. The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein for $23 (on sale, plus employee discount) because I adored No Logo. I rarely buy new books that aren’t bargain, but I couldn’t resist. And for $7 each I got Elanor Rigby by Douglas Coupland and The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova in hardcover. They’ve been in my store for a while, so I decided to snatch them up. I still don’t know how Indigo can afford to keep selling these hardcovers as $10 bargain books, but it sure works for me.

P (my mom’s boyfriend) gave me a book of poetry, Songs For Relinquishing the Earth by Jan Zwicky as a late graduation gift for getting A’s in grade 11, which was very nice of him. I haven’t read any books of poetry yet, but I’ve been meaning to incorporate more into my reading, so I’m quite looking forward to it.

Ack! I must have this book! The Bookaholics’ Guide to Book Blogs? I love book blogs! But it’s temporarily unavailable to order through Indigo and the library doesn’t have it. Hmm, perhaps I could order it through Amazon. I haven’t made any Amazon purchases before, but this is an emergency! Well, I’ll wait and see if it will be available to order soon. (Especially since the cover on the one sold through Amazon isn’t nearly as spiffy.) Hopefully I won’t forget about it.

I promise, now I really will start Pride and Prejudice.